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NTI Water has been a leader in providing quality industrial waste water treatment systems since 1983. Put the latest technology and decades of experience to work for you.

All of our systems are modular and fully customizable. There are many advantages to this approach including rapid delivery and installation, scalability to meet expanding needs and being highly configurable to accommodate limited space requirements.


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In a continuous flow treatment system wastewater flows continuously through a large reservoir of neutralized water where chemicals are added to retain the neutral point. These systems are typically used to handle the needs of high-volume applications.

Utilizing a wide range of configurations and automation controls, NTI Water is able to meet the varied challenges of various industrial processes.


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In a batch treatment system wastewater is collected in a treatment tank and water is release after treatment with chemicals. These systems offer a cost effective, controlled way to treat a specific volume (or batch) of water.

When properly designed and operated, these systems can reduce long-term operating costs in many industries while at the same time lowering the chance of out-of-spec water being released.